Because Teva needed to differentiate the DDI solution in a way that the look & feel would be hi-tech, but yet connected to TEVA’s brand.



An Instant branding process that will provide a new imagery, an updated color palette, an exclusive typography and infographics.



By using a unique photo shooting technique, creating molds and filling them with colorful pills with different shapes. Providing an image of that kind for any uses.

How it all started?

Comment tout a débuté?

DDI is a web advisory solution system for advising doctors, physicians. It helps them to manage multiple medications. Our challenge was to create a sophisticated & clean brand guidelines, including new imagery and icons.

And What We Got

Et voila le resultat


Even if DDI introduced a safe medical solution in a conservative field, we had the opportunity to think out of the box. We created stencils, using cardboard boxes, placing pills in different colors in order to achieve the perfect composition. Finally, we used a unique photo shooting on white board without any reflection from the pills. San’s studio finalized the brand guideline with vector icons, a new color palette and updated typography. Based on the new brand, we created all types of digital products and printed material for a large spectrum of use cases.