Corporate Presentation




Because Nice wanted to provide information about the company in a clear and compelling way using a well-designed presentation to engage with their audience.



A designed PowerPoint graphic slides that is aligned with Nice’s brand guidelines. We wanted to bring their data & insight to life clearly and succinctly.



Embracing the massage Nice wanted to convey we created a unique storytelling and empowered it using advanced dynamic animations & voice craft.

How it all started?

Comment tout a débuté?

NICE Ltd. is a publicly-traded Israeli enterprise software company. It is one of the largest technology organizations in Israel. Our vision was to create for them a visual presentation that will clearly convey their massage and serve their marketing strategy.

And What We Got

Et voila le resultat


We told Nice’s story from their audience’s perspective and created a storytelling A bold and vibrant presentation with a clear message that is recognizable along with custom-made animations.