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Because Cisco needed us to present its new product: “Cisco SON” and a landmark.



A Flash movie, based on full animation, created for Cisco with unique illustration & voice over presented at the MWC 2014.



By creating from scratch a new designed language, based on vector illustrations. Then, by proceeding to the storyboard and the Flash animated movie.

How it all started?

Comment tout a débuté?

Cisco purchased a company with a powerful platform and a set of applications that automates the Radio Access Network (RAN). We were asked to create a memorable designed language standing out and revealing Cisco’s new capabilities in the market. Cisco Quantum SON Suite is designed for mobile operators and suited to automatically manage complex networks from a single point, without extra equipment and with a way to monitor and maximize key performance indicators (KPIs).

And What We Got

Et voila le resultat


This presentation was specifically made for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona-2014, and was presented by John Chambers, Cisco’s Chairman & CEO. We planned it as two complementary halves. The first one was presenting the problems that the mobile operators are facing today when using the old manual network optimization. Appeared there animations of original illustrations that we created. The second half was showing the new automatic SON solutions in a more manure and straight forward way.