Because Cal wanted us to redesign one of its old products that needed a facelift and technical updates. It came to the point that the clients were hardly using them anymore.



A re-think and a new dynamic of CAL’s “Designed cards” product in order to appeal new clients through different platforms. Our challenge was to plan & design the best UI.



By planning and characterizing the current product, creating a new trendy approach of it to attract and engager the user. Then, we designed it into different resolutions to create it as responsive, fitting any screens.

How it all started?

Comment tout a débuté?

CAL is an Israeli leading credit card company, issuing and acquiring Visa, Mastercard & Dinners credit cards. As part of their services, CAL is able to allow the clients to design their own credit cards by uploading existing or personalized images. We had to make the work-flow more fluid for several types of clients allowed to use the service differently. After the UI processes ready, we designed it for any screen, making it our first responsive designed website!

And What We Got

Et voila le resultat


After a few weeks working by itself, the product managed to attract new users to try and order their own designed credit cards. The numbers reached beyond the customers’ expectations.